Impact of Sports Premium 2013 - 2014


Funding Received - £5,338


The Sports Premium was mainly spent on providing high quality sport and PE teaching from the School Sports Coaches (SSCOs), a Blackpool Local Authority team. The SSCOs taught PE in conjunction with the class teachers in Y1 through to Y6. The intention of the role of the SSCO is to model and support good practice throughout the school. Teachers met the SSCO in a dedicated planning time after school to follow up the lesson and plan next steps. This provided good professional development for the teachers on a one to one basis. 

The SSCOs also provided whole school INSET for PE, specifically to support with the introduction of the new scheme of work. Additionally one of the SSCOs worked with staff to develop a scheme of work for Dance in KS1. 

The SSCOs reported that teachers were becoming more confident in participation and delivery of the lessons. 

Results of a staff questionnaire showed that staff had increased knowledge of the new scheme of work, and that they felt more confident in the areas of PE they had covered. They all rated the support from the SSCOs very highly. Dance and gymnastics were highlighted as areas in which staff felt they needed further CPD; in response to this, teachers will be working with the SSCOs next academic year on those areas with their classes. 

All teachers reported a positive impact on PE attainment and participation, linked to the SSCO involvement. 

The SSCOs also delivered sports clubs for the children to increase participation in healthy and active pursuits. These included: indoor athletics; team games; gymnastics; KS1 ‘Fun and Fitness’; cricket and rounders. Activities from other providers, eg Healthy Play every Tuesday night; Fit2Go (run by Blackpool Football Club, funded through Sports Premium money) and Kickz (a joint project between BFC and the Police) every Thursday and Friday, and clubs run by teachers such as cross country, baton twirling and dance, have given the children many opportunities for sport outside of school hours. Attendance at these activities has been high and the children (and parents) report that they enjoy having more out of school sport activities. 

The SSCOs supported Sports Day, along with the young leaders from St George’s High School. The event was well supported by parents.